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Can a cool reputation really deliver on promises of happiness?

Nick’s got problems. He's a social outcast who dreams of being popular, he’s an easy target for bullies, and he doesn't understand why he's just not attracted to girls. So, after a series of misunderstandings label him a troublemaker on his first day of high school, he’s really stoked to have Jesse Gaston and his gang take him in.

 Jesse starts a PR campaign around campus to give Nick a new image, and the shy loser soon finds himself transformed into an anti-establishment hero. While Nick would rather explore his growing attraction to Bobby Warren, he’s forced to fend off would-be girlfriends and struggles with the demands of acting cool. And things at home are spinning out of control as the Vietnam War’s destructive impact threatens to change his life forever.

Nick's story is both humorous and haunting–a journey of ridiculous misadventures, unexpected psychedelic explorations, and tragic turns of fate. Can a world still reeling from the sexual revolution and the illicit pleasures of marijuana and underage drinking accept two boys in love? Can Nick and Bobby's relationship survive a hostile time when acid rock rules, status is everything, and being gay is the last taboo?

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"Piner, in glorious prose, has put into words the spirit of the struggling teen homosexual." B J Sheppard, Insight Out!

"It made me laugh and cry, and I've got to warn you, there are some scenes that really tug on the heartstrings. ... Overall a wonderful YA read which I highly recommend." Jeff Erno, GoodReads review (Five Stars)

"Incredibly powerful. If you're seeking a highly original young adult read that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure, I can certainly recommend this book." Jamie Deacon, Rainbow Book Reviews

"What an amazing story! Damn you, Huston Piner, you made me cry." Sue, Goodreads review  (Five Stars)

Piner’s novel is sad and lovely, lonely and honest. Nick’s the sort of character who will stick with you — he’s raw and real and beautiful, and his story is going on my Favorites shelf. Melissa Ruiz, Every Free Chance Books.