Sixteen-year-old Randy Clark just looked in the mirror and discovered he’s gay. Now all he needs is to find a boyfriend. The trouble is he’s got a knack for being attracted to the wrong kind of guys – straight ones! He would ask his best friend for help, but even though Blake knows all the gossip, he’s too busy trying to convince Randy to join the drama club to be any help.

Instead, Randy turns to Jeremy Smith and the outrageous Annie Brock, but between their constant bickering and Annie’s obsession to put Mike Kowalski down every chance she gets, Randy’s not exactly feeling confident about their advice. Mix in a bigoted father, the world’s most irritating little brother, and the wannabe bullies in P. E. and Randy’s tenth grade year is shaping up to be one to remember!

Huston Piner's Conjoined at the Soul will leave you laughing – and shaking your head – as Randy struggles to find out just what being gay and falling in love is really all about. Nominated for the 2016 Stonewall Award in Children's and Young Adult Literature. Hilarious and heartwarming gay young adult fiction at its finest!

Conjoined at the Soul

Copyright 2013. Huston Piner. All rights reserved.

"a nice little book about tolerance, love and self respect."

"an enormously fun read, littered with laugh-out-loud moments."

"a remarkably deft and often humorous look at life as a gay teen."